BB-8 Interactive Talking Figure

A Star Wars fan never misses out on the latest Star war merchandise released. And this applies to the new offering, BB-8 the lovable droid in the latest Star Wars sequel, The Force Awakens. The sequel is a very much looked forward to by fans as it has a new set of cast besides the familiar faces. The exciting happenings in a galaxy eons away is sure to render you speechless.

Acquiring Star wars merchandise has always been a craze among fans of all ages and the BB-8 is no exception to this trend. Actually the lovable Star Wars figure is a huge hit along with other toys released recently including Imperial Storm trooper helmet, lightsabre and others.

Highlights of BB-8 droid toy

The BB-8 droid is a splendid collectible star wars figure crafted with special care to replicate the actual droid in the sequel. The 11 cm tall droid has some special features that include

  • Freshly crafted spherical body inbuilt with auto balancing system
  • LED eyes that light up beautifully
  • Unique base available as an accessory with Jakku desert theme, which can be fixed to the hexagonal shaped stand of star war figure Rey.
  • Has an attractive combination of orange, silver and metallic white colors giving it a very detailed likeness

Why it is a must buy collectible

This BB-8 droid is definitely an awesome purchase this holiday, as it is a quite endearing toy that rolls, talks, beeps and interacts with kids via voice commands.

The detailed and spherical body made from plastic pieces is actually so realistic that with some grime and sand it could be the actual Star war figure you see in the movie.

The beeping, squeaking toy with moving body and head is just the Star war figure you need to add to your Resistance team and take on the powerful Darth Vader.

Dual mode wonder

The toy comes with over 17 inbuilt sound effects and lights up as it spins and rolls. The head can turn too. The droid has two play modes namely activation and sound activation mode. The activation mode sends the spherical toy on a roll around, while the second sound activation mode brings it to attention waiting for your voice commands.

With such attractive and lovable features, kids will have a wonderful and exciting time interacting with BB-8. The features are certain to lure kids from their tablets and smartphones. With fanciful interaction kids are sure to clamber for the toy, which is expected to sell out as soon as it is available in the stores.

Star Wars the Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet

The launch of the new series of Star Wars toys created a big furor among fans. Surprisingly among the various star wars figure toys, what raked up the most money was the Black Series Imperial Storm trooper Electronic Voice changer helmet. This is quite justifiable as the wearable helmet replica is an amazing toy to have, if you are a true Star wars fan raring to fight with the invincible Darth Vader.

What’s new with the Black Series?

When the makers, Hasbro came up with the White Series a few weeks back, not much of a change was expected with the Black series except the color that is. But the Black Series has arrived with a bang. The Star Wars Battlefront inked on the box is a sample of what the helmet can offer!

The majestic Imperial Stormtrooper helmet makes you feel like a genuine imperial storm trooper ready to defend your Empire

The push button feature enables instant voice change to that of the legions of troopers fighting for Galactic Empire. The soldier legions in the Black Series endure rigorous training. With the imposing Imperial Stormtrooper helmet, lightsabre and other paraphernalia, you can easily recreate some of the intense moments and become part of the star wars figure icons.

Some key features that make this series outshine other star wars merchandise include

  • Characteristic design
  • Realistic features that are identical in all the star wars figure toys, light sabers, vehicles and helmets
  • Multiple articulation points
  • Top quality product

With this Black Series helmet, you can add to your collection of star wars merchandise and have fun playing with your favorite characters and enacting the awesome scenes.

star-wars-imperial-stormtrooper-electronic-voice-changer-helmet-1Best collector’s item

The Imperial Storm trooper Electronic helmet with voice changer feature is a product that is a big hit among the old and young Star Wars enthusiasts. If you are an avid collector of Star Wars figures and other merchandise, this item is a valuable addition you should not miss out on.

Suitable for children aged 8 years and over, the toy requires 3 AAA 1.5 volt batteries to function. The best part about the helmet is there is no assembly of parts needed. You don’t have to use any tools to make it work. Just insert the required batteries and it is good to go.

As you can see, the Black Series Imperial Storm Trooper helmet  is a perfect gift for the holiday season. Gift it to your kids, friends or buy one for your own use too as being a Star wars fan you should definitely own this star wars merchandise.

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Star Wars: The Force in Toy Stores

You’re not a rabid fan of the Star Wars series if you don’t have at least one or two Star Wars toys in hand. The Star Wars series has been going on since its first movie release in 18 and because it is such a big hit, it has become a big hit and a big part of moviegoers’ lives, toy companies have made sure they have Star Wars toys ready for purchase.

In 2014, the Force proved that it is not only the movie franchise that is powerful, but also the toy franchise, as it has totaled $12 billion in terms of sales since 1977. In fact, it ranked number one on the list among movies that sold the most merchandise, surpassing some of the best movies that hit big recently. Here is the list:

  1. Star Wars – $12 billion
  2. Cars – $10 billion
  3. Frozen – $5.3 billion
  4. Transformers – $3 billion
  5. Toy Story – $2.4 billion
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes – $450 million
  7. Batman – $245 million
  8. Despicable Me – $230 million
  9. Spiderman – $155 million
  10. The Avengers – $150 million

With toy sales occupying a huge 44% of the total $27 billion Star Wars revenues, it is safe to say that it is the most sold toy franchise based on movies.

Toy Companies Swooning over High Star Wars Toy Sales

The Kenner Toy company, who had the exclusive rights to sell Star Wars toy franchise from 1978 to 1985 had offered 90 figures to avid fans and toy collectors. The toy company sold an estimate of 3 billion units of action figures all in all. Meanwhile, Hasbro, another leading toy company in the world, offered 15 collections and sold a total of 5 billion units. Hasbro still has the exclusive rights to distribute the franchise up to 2020. On the other hand, other collectibles sold a total of 2 billion units.


One of the most sought after rare collectible from the Star Wars toy franchise is the vinyl cape Jawa, which

was released in 1978. It appeared too thin as a collectible, so it had to be pulled out from the stores and selling had to be stopped in the market. Because its exposure in the stores was short-lived, toy collectors went mad, seeking to get this rare find. One piece of it was even sold on eBay for £11,300.

Now, with the latest sequel The Force Awakens comes into theatres this December, experts expect another huge clamor from passionate Star Wars lovers and toy collectors. They even assume an estimate of $3 to $billion in sales of Star Wars merchandise like toys, clothes and gadgets, while the movie could only go for as high as $2 billion. This goes to show how powerful The Force is as it has gone into every corner of pop culture in its four decades of existence.

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Star Wars games : Looking for the Top ten

The Star Wars franchise has time and again proven that to be the one of the most successful ever to have landed in the mark. The tremendous sales are not only limited to billions of revenues from the box-office series over the years. The revenues actually came higher from the non-movie merchandise such as toys, gadgets, clothes and of course, the Star Wars games.

The Love for the Game

Why does everybody love the Star Wars on PC? In fact, experts are convinced that the Star Wars PC games are the most successful video games ever to have been based on a movie. Why not, the Star Wars series, in itself, is mind-blowing, and to experience it on a game is so much more exciting. Imagine being a Jedi or an ace pilot, targeting the Dark Side, or some pod racer driving wild towards the Tattooine. Star Wars lovers could even act like Jedi on their consoles or master the lightsaber through the PC.

With Star Wars coming up with The Force Awakens this year, gamers are surely up to something. Before you go back to gaming, it is nice to look back at ten of the best Star Wars games ever to have landed with The Force:

Star wars. Knights old republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. The game is set four thousand years past the existence of the Galactic Empire. Jedi Knights have lost to the Sith and the gamer is the sole hope of the JedStar wars. Knights old republic

i Order to save the Republic. Bioware has made sure gamers would love the unique characters and creatures, plus the ability to build their own Lightsaber.

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Star wars-the sith lords

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords. The Sith Lords was a sequel to the Old Republic I, which came out in 2004, five years after the original game was released. The gamer takes on a character who is a Jedi Knight, who was taken out of the Jedi Order.

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Tie - fighter- game

Star Wars: TIE Fighter. What made this successful in 1994 is that it gave the gamers the choice to rally for the other side. It gave the players the chance to enjoy amazing flight simulations, as they explore and discover the Empire’s state-of-the-art machines.
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Star wars the old republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic. The story takes place 300 years after the existence of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, which means it evolves around 3,500 years before the actual setting of the film. This is where the Jedi relocates to Tython, after the Great Galactic War.

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lego star wars complete saga


Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga. This game was intended was intended for kids, as they can choose to play the roles of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

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jedi outcast

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast. Playing the Jedi Knight is perfect with the Jedi Outcast as it allows levelled up lightsaber plays and force powers.

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jedi knight


Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Dark Forces was a hit because of its amazing visuals, making the gamers’ experience the galaxy life. It also arms the gamers with the real experience of lightsaber and force powers.Check price Star Wars®: Jedi Knight® II: Jedi Outcast(TM) [Online Game Code]


empire at war

Star Wars: Empire at War. Petroglyph, the game’s developer, hired designers to give the players the best and the most real-time space-based battles in the galaxy, as they take on the roles of Han Solo, Leia, Darth Vader and even the emperor.

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galactic battlegrounds

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds. This game allows the players to choose their own factions, create their own battle campaigns and work with workers in a command center.

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The Cast of the Force Awakens, Lo and Behold,

The fans of the Star Wars saga need not to wait any further as The Force Awakens, the seventh installment of the sequel comes in theatres worldwide this December. This is the first film in the sequel trilogy since it was bought by The Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures in 2012. The film is set around 30 years after the ere of the Return of the Jedi.

Despite being in the hands of a new distributor, the brilliant minds behind the epic Star Wars are still intact: George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, was the creative consultant of the production. Michael Arndt wrote the initial script, which was then rewritten by J.J. Abrams and LawrenceKasdan. John Williams, the composer and the conductor of all six Star Wars films, dealt with the film score.

The original cast is still there, with Harrison Ford, still leading the film as Han Solo. His firstHarrison ford, star wars appearance in Star Wars dates back to as far as the original film in 1977. His original character started when he got connected with Rebel Alliance, which is against the Galactic Empire. He then leads the Alliance in the following sequels. Harrison Ford also appeared in several films like Blade Runner, Air Force One and Apocalypse Now.

Carrie Fisher is still here as General Leia Organa, who serves as the Planet Alderaan’s primark-hamill-star-wars-episode-viii-beardncess. She then becomes a Rebel Alliance Sympathizer and the love interest of Han Solo. Later on, it was revealed that she was the twin sister of Luke Skywalker and further became a Jedi Master.

Mark Hamill remains as Luke Skywalker, the central protagonist of the film. He is the central figure in Rebel Alliance’s battle against the Galactic Empire and the son of Darth Vader, the fallen Jedi Anakin Skywalker.

Anthony Daniels still appears as the robot C-3PO, while Peter Mayhew still plays Chewbacca, a Wookie and an intelligent species who came from the planet Kashyyyk, and a good friend and co-pilot of Han Solo. Kenny Baker comes back as R2-D2 and Tim Rose as Admiral Ackbar.

The original cast will be joined by new faces, led by John Boyega, who plays as Finn, a storm trooper. John Boyega has previously starred in Half a Yellow Sun and Attack the Block. Oscar Isaac, meanwhile, plays the role of Poe Dameron, the best X-wing pilot ever to have landed in the galaxy. Isaac has formerly starred in Inside Llewyn Davis and Robin Hood.

Another name on the list is Adam Driver, who stars as Kylo Ryen, a member of KStar-Wars-countdown--bo-staff_article_story_largenights of Ren and a First Order Commander. Daisy Ridley, on the other hand, is named Rey in the new film, who is a self-dependent scavenger on Jakku. Oscar’s award-winning actress,   , a thousand-year-old pirate.

Andy Serkis plays the role of Supreme Leader Snoke, the master of Kylo Ren and is influential and powerful on the dark side. Domhnall Gleeson is General Hux, the leader of Starkiller Base from the First Order.

Star Wars die-hards will surely love the new film as these new faces grace the much awaited The Force Awakens. Make your Star Wars experience more memorable with these limited Star Wars merchandise!

The best of Star Wars Lamps: Be Enlightened

The Star Wars merchandise is inarguably one of the most successful marketing strategies ever to have come out from a film. The Star Wars has been one of the most successful move franchises in the history of filmmaking, with revenues amounting to $12 billion since 1977. However, the revenue of The Force does not only come from the series itself. It also gains high sales with its merchandise, like toys, gadgets and clothes, covering 44% from the total sales. This only proves how wild the Star Wars fans are that the merchandise has turned into much loved collectors’ items over the years. Today we are going to talk about the Star Wars lamps.

Finding the Favorite Lights

It is quite interesting that even the lamp merchandise of the Star Wars has become a big hit not only on kids who’d love to play with the lights but also on adults who love collecting Star Wars items. The colorful and bright lamps have attracted both boys and girls of different ages, making it one of the most sold out merchandise among the Star Wars line.

With the latest addition to the sequel, The Force Awakens, coming into cinemas this year, it will be good to look at some of the most sought after lamps. Here are some of the top Star Wars lamps that became a hit in the market:

  • Star Wars Original Trilogy Lamp with Illuminated LightsaberStar-Wars-Original-Trilogy-Lamp-With-Illuminated-Lightsabers
    With the favorite cast gracing the lamp, Luke Skywalker holding on to his lightsaber, Han Solo braving it with a gun, Chewbacca being his grumpy self, Princess Leia very beautiful in white, this Original Trilogy Lamp is definitely one for the books. What makes it stand out are the light-up lightsabers coming from the base of the lamp. So far, the lamp is available for preorder at the price of $199.95 or £129.
  • Spearmark Star Wars Bedside Light, Blue price

  • Star Wars Lamps (Dart Vader/Stormtrooper). Lamps Dart Vader StormtrooperThese come as heads of two of the most popular Star Wars figures: Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. The eyes of Darth Vader light up a glowing red while Stormtrooper’s helmet lights up a glowing white. The material is made from PVC, with the illumination coming from internal LEDS. These also come in small and large sizes and are priced $199 – $49. This is pegged for both kids and adults alike.
  • Star Wars 3D Darth Vader Table Mood Light Night Lamp price
    Groovy Stormtrooper Large Mood Light price

  • Star Wars Motion Lamp.Star-Wars-Motion-Lamp The motion lamp also comes with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, an elegant lamp perfect for different ages. The Luke Skywalker lamp boasts of its blue lava-like wax while Darth Vader has the red lava-like wax. It works as a motion lamp, where the liquids heat up then the wax eventually moves, creating beautiful light like lightsabers. It is glass and it is hot wax so remember to take precautionary measures when using. This is specifically intended for collectors aged 14 and above and comes with a spare bulb when bought.
  • Star Wars – Stormtrooper Lava Lamp price
    Star Wars – Darth Vader Lava Lamp price

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