BB-8 Interactive Talking Figure

A Star Wars fan never misses out on the latest Star war merchandise released. And this applies to the new offering, BB-8 the lovable droid in the latest Star Wars sequel, The Force Awakens. The sequel is a very much looked forward to by fans as it has a new set of cast besides the familiar faces. The exciting happenings in a galaxy eons away is sure to render you speechless.

Acquiring Star wars merchandise has always been a craze among fans of all ages and the BB-8 is no exception to this trend. Actually the lovable Star Wars figure is a huge hit along with other toys released recently including Imperial Storm trooper helmet, lightsabre and others.

Highlights of BB-8 droid toy

The BB-8 droid is a splendid collectible star wars figure crafted with special care to replicate the actual droid in the sequel. The 11 cm tall droid has some special features that include

  • Freshly crafted spherical body inbuilt with auto balancing system
  • LED eyes that light up beautifully
  • Unique base available as an accessory with Jakku desert theme, which can be fixed to the hexagonal shaped stand of star war figure Rey.
  • Has an attractive combination of orange, silver and metallic white colors giving it a very detailed likeness

Why it is a must buy collectible

This BB-8 droid is definitely an awesome purchase this holiday, as it is a quite endearing toy that rolls, talks, beeps and interacts with kids via voice commands.

The detailed and spherical body made from plastic pieces is actually so realistic that with some grime and sand it could be the actual Star war figure you see in the movie.

The beeping, squeaking toy with moving body and head is just the Star war figure you need to add to your Resistance team and take on the powerful Darth Vader.

Dual mode wonder

The toy comes with over 17 inbuilt sound effects and lights up as it spins and rolls. The head can turn too. The droid has two play modes namely activation and sound activation mode. The activation mode sends the spherical toy on a roll around, while the second sound activation mode brings it to attention waiting for your voice commands.

With such attractive and lovable features, kids will have a wonderful and exciting time interacting with BB-8. The features are certain to lure kids from their tablets and smartphones. With fanciful interaction kids are sure to clamber for the toy, which is expected to sell out as soon as it is available in the stores.