Star Wars: The Force in Toy Stores

You’re not a rabid fan of the Star Wars series if you don’t have at least one or two Star Wars toys in hand. The Star Wars series has been going on since its first movie release in 18 and because it is such a big hit, it has become a big hit and a big part of moviegoers’ lives, toy companies have made sure they have Star Wars toys ready for purchase.

In 2014, the Force proved that it is not only the movie franchise that is powerful, but also the toy franchise, as it has totaled $12 billion in terms of sales since 1977. In fact, it ranked number one on the list among movies that sold the most merchandise, surpassing some of the best movies that hit big recently. Here is the list:

  1. Star Wars – $12 billion
  2. Cars – $10 billion
  3. Frozen – $5.3 billion
  4. Transformers – $3 billion
  5. Toy Story – $2.4 billion
  6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtes – $450 million
  7. Batman – $245 million
  8. Despicable Me – $230 million
  9. Spiderman – $155 million
  10. The Avengers – $150 million

With toy sales occupying a huge 44% of the total $27 billion Star Wars revenues, it is safe to say that it is the most sold toy franchise based on movies.

Toy Companies Swooning over High Star Wars Toy Sales

The Kenner Toy company, who had the exclusive rights to sell Star Wars toy franchise from 1978 to 1985 had offered 90 figures to avid fans and toy collectors. The toy company sold an estimate of 3 billion units of action figures all in all. Meanwhile, Hasbro, another leading toy company in the world, offered 15 collections and sold a total of 5 billion units. Hasbro still has the exclusive rights to distribute the franchise up to 2020. On the other hand, other collectibles sold a total of 2 billion units.


One of the most sought after rare collectible from the Star Wars toy franchise is the vinyl cape Jawa, which

was released in 1978. It appeared too thin as a collectible, so it had to be pulled out from the stores and selling had to be stopped in the market. Because its exposure in the stores was short-lived, toy collectors went mad, seeking to get this rare find. One piece of it was even sold on eBay for £11,300.

Now, with the latest sequel The Force Awakens comes into theatres this December, experts expect another huge clamor from passionate Star Wars lovers and toy collectors. They even assume an estimate of $3 to $billion in sales of Star Wars merchandise like toys, clothes and gadgets, while the movie could only go for as high as $2 billion. This goes to show how powerful The Force is as it has gone into every corner of pop culture in its four decades of existence.

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