Star Wars the Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet

The launch of the new series of Star Wars toys created a big furor among fans. Surprisingly among the various star wars figure toys, what raked up the most money was the Black Series Imperial Storm trooper Electronic Voice changer helmet. This is quite justifiable as the wearable helmet replica is an amazing toy to have, if you are a true Star wars fan raring to fight with the invincible Darth Vader.

What’s new with the Black Series?

When the makers, Hasbro came up with the White Series a few weeks back, not much of a change was expected with the Black series except the color that is. But the Black Series has arrived with a bang. The Star Wars Battlefront inked on the box is a sample of what the helmet can offer!

The majestic Imperial Stormtrooper helmet makes you feel like a genuine imperial storm trooper ready to defend your Empire

The push button feature enables instant voice change to that of the legions of troopers fighting for Galactic Empire. The soldier legions in the Black Series endure rigorous training. With the imposing Imperial Stormtrooper helmet, lightsabre and other paraphernalia, you can easily recreate some of the intense moments and become part of the star wars figure icons.

Some key features that make this series outshine other star wars merchandise include

  • Characteristic design
  • Realistic features that are identical in all the star wars figure toys, light sabers, vehicles and helmets
  • Multiple articulation points
  • Top quality product

With this Black Series helmet, you can add to your collection of star wars merchandise and have fun playing with your favorite characters and enacting the awesome scenes.

star-wars-imperial-stormtrooper-electronic-voice-changer-helmet-1Best collector’s item

The Imperial Storm trooper Electronic helmet with voice changer feature is a product that is a big hit among the old and young Star Wars enthusiasts. If you are an avid collector of Star Wars figures and other merchandise, this item is a valuable addition you should not miss out on.

Suitable for children aged 8 years and over, the toy requires 3 AAA 1.5 volt batteries to function. The best part about the helmet is there is no assembly of parts needed. You don’t have to use any tools to make it work. Just insert the required batteries and it is good to go.

As you can see, the Black Series Imperial Storm Trooper helmet  is a perfect gift for the holiday season. Gift it to your kids, friends or buy one for your own use too as being a Star wars fan you should definitely own this star wars merchandise.

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The best of Star Wars Lamps: Be Enlightened

The Star Wars merchandise is inarguably one of the most successful marketing strategies ever to have come out from a film. The Star Wars has been one of the most successful move franchises in the history of filmmaking, with revenues amounting to $12 billion since 1977. However, the revenue of The Force does not only come from the series itself. It also gains high sales with its merchandise, like toys, gadgets and clothes, covering 44% from the total sales. This only proves how wild the Star Wars fans are that the merchandise has turned into much loved collectors’ items over the years. Today we are going to talk about the Star Wars lamps.

Finding the Favorite Lights

It is quite interesting that even the lamp merchandise of the Star Wars has become a big hit not only on kids who’d love to play with the lights but also on adults who love collecting Star Wars items. The colorful and bright lamps have attracted both boys and girls of different ages, making it one of the most sold out merchandise among the Star Wars line.

With the latest addition to the sequel, The Force Awakens, coming into cinemas this year, it will be good to look at some of the most sought after lamps. Here are some of the top Star Wars lamps that became a hit in the market:

  • Star Wars Original Trilogy Lamp with Illuminated LightsaberStar-Wars-Original-Trilogy-Lamp-With-Illuminated-Lightsabers
    With the favorite cast gracing the lamp, Luke Skywalker holding on to his lightsaber, Han Solo braving it with a gun, Chewbacca being his grumpy self, Princess Leia very beautiful in white, this Original Trilogy Lamp is definitely one for the books. What makes it stand out are the light-up lightsabers coming from the base of the lamp. So far, the lamp is available for preorder at the price of $199.95 or £129.
  • Spearmark Star Wars Bedside Light, Blue price

  • Star Wars Lamps (Dart Vader/Stormtrooper). Lamps Dart Vader StormtrooperThese come as heads of two of the most popular Star Wars figures: Darth Vader and Stormtrooper. The eyes of Darth Vader light up a glowing red while Stormtrooper’s helmet lights up a glowing white. The material is made from PVC, with the illumination coming from internal LEDS. These also come in small and large sizes and are priced $199 – $49. This is pegged for both kids and adults alike.
  • Star Wars 3D Darth Vader Table Mood Light Night Lamp price
    Groovy Stormtrooper Large Mood Light price

  • Star Wars Motion Lamp.Star-Wars-Motion-Lamp The motion lamp also comes with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, an elegant lamp perfect for different ages. The Luke Skywalker lamp boasts of its blue lava-like wax while Darth Vader has the red lava-like wax. It works as a motion lamp, where the liquids heat up then the wax eventually moves, creating beautiful light like lightsabers. It is glass and it is hot wax so remember to take precautionary measures when using. This is specifically intended for collectors aged 14 and above and comes with a spare bulb when bought.
  • Star Wars – Stormtrooper Lava Lamp price
    Star Wars – Darth Vader Lava Lamp price

For more limited editions of Star Wars lamps, you may browse on our original Star Wars merchandise. Feel The Force right through you with these beautiful lamps!